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P R Services

World Art Hub has established relations with a few top-grade PR agencies from around the country, dedicated and independent PR and Digital Media Agency offering creative solutions for various business challenges in the traditional media and the digital realm.

We are all aware that how important it is, what the artist and art galleries to establish themselves in the minds of art buyers and art lovers. Under the banner of World Art Hub our partner PR agencies delivered the results as per the requirement of the artists.

Today the business world is unanimous that hiring a PR agency is an investment and companies in India are using PR services positively to make strategic communications with its existing and prospective customers, employees, clients, stakeholders, media and everyone they value. An effective and strategic PR agency builds credibility, stands by you as a strategic partner to develop a strong brand image and public relations with precise positioning in the market, triggers sales, helps you to get the right talent and gives many other competitive advantages that your business strives for. So choosing a good PR firm that can offer excellent strategic PR services and consultancies based on solid business intelligence, strategic approach and a very strong media relations is very critical, as it would design and carry out a strategic PR campaign for you to help you achieve your organizational goal giving you the best ROI for your company.

At World Art Hub, we believe in value creation. With utmost responsibility, we believe in achieving success for our clients by adopting and implementing the latest of what technology has to offer. All this by developing an intimate knowledge of our clients and the audience they are eyeing. We thrive to bring ideas to life, drive ROI and engage the customer at every turn.

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PR Services

Our clients’ narratives are unique and must be told thought fully and authentically. As public relations experts, we develop and refine our client’s stories into award-winning content, and disseminate to those who matter most. This enables us to gain mind-share and convert it to market-share, safeguarding our clients’ success as market leaders.

As a full-service, integrated agency, we combine traditional PR with evolving digital technologies. We never sit still and are always on the hunt for our most innovative campaign to date. Our best idea is always our next idea.

Digital & social

Digital is an integrated part of our business. From setting up new digital platforms and ecosystems for clients, to rolling out engaging digital and social campaigns, we offer a dedicated team of digital experts, who are future facing with a strong grasp of emerging consumer trends.

A company being ‘digital’ involves much more than just a website. We love electronic media as it is memorable, cost effective and measurable. As experts in the communications and technological fields, we go beyond the scope of a traditional agency and power towards the exciting digital and social worlds. We connect the most important audiences with the most influential messages through the right digital channels. Online reputations are important, and we make them simple, effective and powerful.

We can create integrated or stand-alone campaigns, it’s your choice! If you’re not sure, we’re here to help. The GCC has enormous digital penetration, so let us help your company take advantage of it.

Content creation.

Our in-house team and network of award-winning production companies and creative voices come together to help our clients deliver powerful content that can be used as part of an integrated campaign. From commercials to documentaries, webisodes to instructional or corporate films, we can help you create compelling content to support your marketing and communications strategies.

Every click on the internet is an opportunity to promote your brand.

Content remains king (yes we know), as drab text diminishes. Every click on the internet is an opportunity to promote your brand. We make it rich, fresh, current, clear and ‘share-worthy’ to boost search engine authority (SEO) and increase social media reach. We are extremely good at blogs, videos, articles, podcasts, images, case-studies, interviews, infographics, white papers, eBooks, checklists, newsletters, and statistics. We ensure audiences benefit from content useful to them, boosting our clients’ brand in their eyes.

Content, we love it and it’s essential to build your company in the GCC, particularly with luxury and lifestyle consumers. Let our award-winning team lay your foundations for success.

Research & data.

Working with our clients to create data that supports messages and market positioning is vital to communications success. We work with accredited partners on surveys, whitepapers and research documents to ensure our clients always have a market-leading point of view.

Understanding is the key and vital to strategy.

We are investigative sleuths that find out what our clients need to know, to get to where they want to be. Quantitative to qualitative, desk to digital, internal to external, formal to informal, primary to secondary, internet to telephone, surveys to focus groups, we have any research need covered. After all, businesses depend on customer opinions.

Whatever your consumer or corporate research needs, we can take your company’s data from inception to finished form and can also integrate it with a communication campaign. After all we are an award-winning GCC agency, so are great at what we do!

Influencer management.

Online and Offline, from mega to micro. We are passionate about engaging with some of today’s leading opinion leaders and people of influence from all sectors to create content that has an immediate impact and visibility, driving content to commerce, delivering tangible business results.

Influencers with followers are everywhere.

But who are the ones that deliver the desired outcomes?

We have identified the performers already, but are constantly evaluating the new ones. We work with them all on a daily basis and we know them by heart. We recognize who are the best to achieve our clients’ desired activity goals, whetherthey build awareness, influence consideration or drive action.

Consumer communications is our core area of expertise, but we do much, much more. After-all we are an award-winning agency that knows the Instagram influencers from the LinkedIn thought-leaders, digitally and in real-life. Whatever social media channel you’re using, we are here to guide you.