Free Home Consultation

free home consultation

This is a NO OBLIGATION service, FREE of charge. ICAC believes in taking art out of the gallery and into the home. Our consultation service strives to make purchasing art pleasurable and accessible. After speaking at length with you about your needs and desires the artist will pick a personal collection that both matches you as a person and your specific interiors. ICAC representative will visit your home with the paintings: in this way you can see the work in situ, on your walls, and have the added benefit of the artist’s professional opinion. ICAC has years of experience producing collections for corporate and private projects including prestigious hotels and some of the most beautiful homes in India. If you would like to book a home consultation, please fill in “Contact Us” form preferably with your contact number and we will get back to you straight away. Thank you Do contact us at or call us on 022 66251333 / 091678 51179.