Exhibition & Curating Services

Exhibiting & Curating Services

World Art Hub is a one stop service organization in India, serving global buyers. We offer turnkey services and tools related art works including consultancy and creativity, unique art creation, custom framing.

World Art Hub in association with our Partner ICAC (International Creative Art Center) provide Curatorial and exhibition services.

During past ten years ICAC has curated more than 50 exhibitions worldwide and each of their presentation has been highly acclaimed.

World Art Hub is a one stop service organisation based in India serving global shoppers. We offer turnkey answers, and all support related to paintings and layout, comprising consultancy and creativity, precise artwork introduction, custom framing, paintings set up, sourcing of artists, curatorial and digital manufacturing, customs clearance, warehousing and logistics.

We conceptualize, extend and convene curatorial initiatives. We specialize in considerate, surprisingly acclaimed artwork exhibitions for several institutions and galleries.

Presentation of our art work to the arena is absolutely from a subjective angle. The artists displayed here all use the visual and emotional language of Expressionism to portray an expansion of situation subjects – from social announcement, to personal spirituality, to heartbreak.

World art Hub has joined their strengths with ICAC to useful resource and sell rising Indian artists and designers, to connect the new generations of Indian artists and designers with their capacity customers, sponsors, and partners, in India, and all around the world, worldarthub.com, the largest network of Indian artists.

WAH offers specific curatorial services from standalone exhibitions, modern public artwork initiatives to exhibition layout, corporate commissions and personal collection show. With a sturdy interest in fostering wider engagement with the visual arts, we provide custom designed target marketplace development techniques, bespoke paintings and museums tours in India and public applications which includes visitor lectures, meetings and curatorial workshops.