corporate gifting

Gift A Painting

  • Painting give a more personalised feel to the gift you are giving.
  • Large price range from a few hundred Rupees to a few lac Rupees.
  • All Paintings come with an Authenticity Certificate by the Artist and his Bio-data Painting never loose their value and most have a life span of 100s of years.
  • Chocolates, Sweets Or Dry Fruits are all forgotten in maximun a week.
  • You never know that the emerging artist you are gifting, may become a Master worth several
    lacs. Today’s masters were definitely sold for a few hundred or a few thousands just 20-30 years back.
  • You have wide choice in Paintings.
  • Tribal Art
  • Paintings in oil or acrylic or water colour or just drawings.
  • Print Making of limited edition duly numbered and signed by the artist.
  • Small Sculptures or Murals on the wall.
  • Paintings can be a great gift for different celebrations.
Traditional Art

traditional art

Rs 2,000/- to Rs 3,000/- Range
India is a vast country with many states and ethnic groups. Each of these not only has its own language, culture, way of life but also their own associated folklore and mythology. These variations have also led to the birth of many traditional art forms. Mainly among them are Gond, Madhubani, Miniature, Patachitra and Warli.

ICAC is proud to be promoting this aspect of Indian Art. We have sourced our works form the best in their respective fields. For those seeking to own a piece of art with the wisdom of centuries reflected in it, ICAC is your one stop shop!Such Traditional & Tribal Art works are available with us in sizes of 11″x16″ and 16″x21″, with frame.

Graphic Art

graphic art

Rs 2,000/- to Rs 3,000/- Range
A graphic print is an original artwork created using whatever medium(s) and technique(s) the artist has selected. A print is not a reproduction of an existing artwork or painting. The difference between a painting and a graphic, is a bit like the difference between bread and toast. While they’re very similar, created from the same materials, each has its own characteristics and appeal. Printmaking techniques may use paper and inks, but the results are unique and the process from start to finish quite different to painting.Each art work is numbered and signed by the artist. We have Graphic Art works of more than 100 artists. As in Europe Graphic Art is how being highly appreciated in India. It is the easiest method to get the signed Art work of highly acclaimed artist at a very small price. We have Graphic art works in the size of 11”x16” and 16”x21”, with frame.



Rs 3,000/- to Rs 5,000/- Range
Watercolor paintings are considered a unique way to creatively represent dreams, illusions, emotions, and bright feelings using water-soluble pigments. This medium of art is still very popular nowadays, and therefore we have prepared a list of some really impressive watercolor artworks that will surely inspire you. So get ready to be fascinated by these brilliant and vibrant watercolor paintings and let us know what you think in the comments to this post!We believe that watercolor art is a very powerful way to express your feelings — in particular, watercolor can be effectively used to represent the artistic vision on a piece of paper. We have art works in the size of 11”x16” and 16”x21”, with frame.

 Acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas

Rs 3,000/- to Rs 3,00,000/- Range
Acrylic on Canvas is comparatively and easier medium to deal with as it dryer fast as compare to oil and allows artists to follow his thought process.These too have a very long life and available in verity of colours and designs. May it be abstract landscapes or figurative. Each art work comes with Authenticity Certificate and the artists bio-data. Available in size from 12”x12” to 48”x48”.

 Oil on Canvas

oil on canvas

Rs 10,000/- to Rs 5,00,000/- Range
Oil paints are a fantastic medium for creating all kinds of different styles and moods in your pictures. Thick textures, created with palette knifes and sponges create drama and can be used for great abstract art pieces. Using linseed oil to thin the oils will create a softer look.We have a variety of art works by highly talented and qualified artists. All paintings come stretched with primed canvas which is the traditional and most common support for oil colour. Oil Paintings are most suitable for your high valued clients as these paintings are slightly more expensive and have life of hundreds of years. Available in size from 12”x12” to 48”x48”.