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The WorldArtHub is the most exceptional platform with advanced cutting edge technology. We are strong believers in the transformational power of digitalisation & have long been the pioneering art entity in the country, initiated and launched by ICAC (International Creative Art Center), under the tutelage of seventeen year old NGO, Akhil Bhartiya Manav Vikas Sanstha, founded and led by Mr. Ravindra Mardia, retired businessman and philanthropist, working for the development of art and artists; bringing together Artists, Collectors, Dealers, Galleries, Resellers, Service Providers and Art Material Vendors, onto a single ingenious in its form now as a medium of global connectivity through online platform. With a state of the art user experience, making the complexities and functionalities easier with amazing features and on the foreground of cyber safety and laws, we transform the art shopping experience of the user as safe and hassle free, also by proving earning and employment opportunities to artists, a huge convenience for those who wish to re-sell their art and a leading edge art portal, backed by some amazing analytics and data, ahead of its time, bringing to the art world a number of art related amenities which resolves and democratize an artist to pursue art forever. It is the first platform to democratize the art buying process, while also empowering the artist; the first platform with a completely transparent pricing and purchase process; the first platform to proactively help collectors re-sell their art. It is the first portal to bring on board Galleries and Dealers, Art critics and Art Writers, Art Service Providers and Art Material Vendors, alike – to bring art to every home. It is now also the first art portal in the country to be backed by cutting-edge technology and data to drive its unique art selection and display process. Today, WorldArtHub is focused on partnering with every art entity, in a multitude of ways. We are driving this participative action by connecting people through technology and by creating a world around art that everyone can relate to. We want everyone to be a part of this art movement. WorldArtHub is managed by a team of highly experienced people who believe the art world experience would thrive online. We have grown to become a revolutionary international service, that puts the best of art and collectibles at your fingertips to explore, engage with, and beautify your space. Our mission is to nurture and promote emerging artists side-by-side with masters of their field and create a unique, cutting-edge viewing experience with, International exhibitions, Guest Curators, Gallery partnerships and daily updated videos and blogs that explore the ecology of the vibrant world of Art & collectibles in a fun and engaging way. Explore our online collection, the largest, for irreplaceable Original artworks, affordable prints, marvellous Serigraphs, and our one-of-a-kind Art Advisory. All purchases are shipped worldwide, so you can always enjoy thought provoking art no matter where you are.
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A sacred writing space to contribute your knowledge, stories and inspiration through reviews as blogs.

Providing immense content writing opportunities to artists and art writers, both experienced amateurs and professionals. Each blog is a joy box full of creativity, inspiration and innovation in the art world. Contribution artists, news across the globe and interviews of changemakers in art industry provide a revealing insight into the thought provoking art culture establishing on the planet.

Let’s share artistry as art news & reviews of creative people on creative things.

Let’s breathe the aroma of uniqueness in each masterpiece through words of immensely creative minds.


Ravage – Acylic Painting on Canvas by Manjunath Lakshman

Shades are a whimsical ace, one can grin and welcome with open arms, or one can show you an unpleasant exercise and give a sloppy canvas.



Heading from inside the spirit that leads in a way of obscure goal. Likewise with different things, nothing gambled, nothing picked up. At the point when uncommon artistry at long last uncovers itself, it is considerably sweeter after battle and confusion.





The core factor which defines the equilibrium of multi faceted concepts developed inside the brain is to think and act, stimulating the brain to work towards it becomes the strongest trendsetter to work towards the desired goal.


Modesty and acknowledgment of questionability are significant in this undertaking. Motivation can’t be constrained, and flawlessness is unattainable.


The artistic creations are a statement of everything includes the artist movements and encounters., possibly as humans  are related spirits, or perhaps it’s exactly what you required at the perfect time. Humor you detect, submerge yourself in shading. Artistry isn’t the means by which one live, however why.


The mechanism to deliver the concepts and theories which suits the receiver to adapt and sustain neutral elements of arbiturial traits and tactics. This defines the sense of development of an individual and refines the thought process of an individual.


Artists wellsprings of motivation can both be inward similar to feelings and dreams and in addition the outside condition like encounters, tales and the nature. It turns up in to a unique, passionate artistry.




Collison – Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Manjunath Lakshman


A comprehension of the basics of copyright law is critical to any expert artist, in the case of offering unique work or multiplication rights.


It merits repeating here that copyright must be misused in the event that you approach high caliber advanced records or transparencies from which proliferations can be made. Most importantly, don’t part with sold works until these have been shot.





Know that copyright about dependably rests with the artist, paying little mind to who possesses the work of art. There are exemptions to this control, for example, work that has been particularly authorized or finished amid business, in which case copyright remains with the official or boss. Independent specialists working for a scope of organizations should remember this.


In the event that you pitch a photo through a display to a private customer, neither the exhibition nor the last proprietor of the work has the privilege to repeat it, e.g. as a welcome card. An artistic creation and the copyright in that depiction are two altogether isolate business elements.


With a few exemptions, for example, China, copyright is presently genuinely standard around the globe: it goes on for the artist’s lifetime and for a long time after their passing. In as much as works are in copyright anybody wishing to replicate them needs to look for the copyright holder’s authorization. Specialists can, nonetheless, offer their copyright. Offers of copyright must be expressly stated; generally deals are invalid and can’t be legitimately implemented.


Displays and distributors are for the most part qualified for imitate a craftsman’s work keeping in mind the end goal to help offer it – through notices, indexes, JPEGs for messaging to customers and transferring onto their site – however they are not qualified for benefit from generations of a work.


Generation rights

Proprietors of copyright can offer generation rights, or a permit to print, for particular tasks while as yet holding copyright. For instance, an artist can pitch the privilege to duplicate a photo on a keep running of 20,000 schedules or a dinnerware benefit while holding by and large copyright.


This enables them to offer further licenses, while once copyright is sold the craftsman has nothing to do with how that picture is utilized. Licensees may, sensibly, need to keep licensors from pitching licenses to their immediate rivals (e.g., other card distributers), so they should need to incorporate prohibitive provisions in the agreement. They may, for instance, need to express that the licensor concurs not to pitch a permit to another card distributer, however is allowed to offer licenses into different markets.

You have to consider any prohibitive provisos deliberately; atte

mpt to survey whether the proposed confinement is probably going to deny you any future income.

The licensee is the gathering who has purchased the permit, or authorization to print, while the licensor is the individual who has sold it (by and large the craftsman).


Pitching consent to print

You should be 100% clear what kind of consent to print you have sold, and what confinements on future business movement the deal may involve. On the off chance that you don’t comprehend the phrasing utilized in the agreement or ascension, you should not be panicked to request a clarification of its suggestions.


There are three basic classifications of offer for copyright and generation rights:


Specialists offer copyright out and out. They have no power over the manners by which pictures are consequently utilized, and the new proprietor of the copyright is allowed to offer licenses as they see fit and to hold every one of the benefits. (Once in a while, in any case, ascension is achieved that copyright will be sold however sovereignties will at present be paid to the craftsman. See underneath.)


Specialists offer copyright for a particular constrained reason; neither artist nor distributer can utilize the picture for some other reason. For instance, if the picture is distributed as a constrained release print it can never be utilized for whatever else, either by the craftsman or the print distributor.


Artist offer multiplication rights, or a permit, for a particular restricted reason; the artist holds copyright and can keep on benefitting from it. For instance, the craftsman offers the picture for use on an arrangement of place settings, yet would then be able to proceed to offer it for different employments.


It is basic that you are certain regardless of whether you can offer licenses later on, whether you have marked the privilege to do this over to another person or whether neither one of the parties can do as such (e.g., for most restricted releases).


It is a moral standard (however not law at the season of composing) in the artistic work generation industry that pictures which have been utilized for restricted version prints won’t be utilized for some other reason or reproduce. This dedication might be strengthened by an announcement at the base of the print or on a declaration of credibility. This should be plainly tended to while concurring an agreement with a distributor of constrained version prints. Consider deliberately the negative impact to your notoriety if work distributed as a restricted release is seen by people in general in different structures. You have to feel certain that your agreement covers this conceivable result.





Auxiliary rights

By difference, it is morally adequate for pictures distributed as open releases to be distributed again as regularly as wanted and in any medium (e.g., as welcome cards, on earthenware production and stationery). On the off chance that the craftsman offers the copyright, at that point the new copyright proprietor stands to benefit only from such deals. Notwithstanding, there are exemptions: a few distributors demand owning copyright keeping in mind the end goal to have power over how the picture is utilized, yet will incorporate a proviso in the agreement expressing a rate that the craftsman will get from offers of auxiliary rights. In the event that the distributer allows you a level of optional rights, it very well may be further bolstering your good fortune to offer the copyright, as the distributor may be preferable set over you are to offer licenses.


On the negative side, it could be irritating to see a distributor benefitting from a picture over numerous years when all you got was a little erratic charge for your copyright 10 years sooner. One approach to work out the esteem you should set on your copyright is to take a gander at your fine art and envision what you may win from it if you somehow managed to hold the copyright; i.e., you should attempt to appraise a future salary. You ought to likewise consider the measure of time that went into creating the photos; i.e., what number of ‘copyrights’ you could deliver in a year.


At long last, if your picture (or a detail from it) is to be consolidated into a general outline by the licensee, at that point this new plan might be the copyright of the licensee. You require examine with the licensee how this may influence your very own future utilization of your own copyright.




Artistry has dependably been a solid methods for chronicling change. Deliberately or incidentally, specialists archive sociocultural changes, through the work itself as well as by engrossing into their aesthetic vocabularies the new visual materials that go with any real move starting with one method for living then onto the next. This is for the most part on the grounds that the procedure of masterful creation is perpetually natural. It is influenced by the earth, the sights, the scents and the sounds that encompass an artist.


Life with Lifestyle – Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Artist Madan Pawar.



Regardless of whether a artist’s work is profoundly implanted in dreams and dreamscapes, parts from their contemporaneous, genuine will discover their way into their work, similarly as they will into their dreams and dreams.


The presentation and talk of an artist, as well, is never again limited to displays, similar to the case before. Public and socially educated ways to deal with workmanship making and elective techniques and spaces for showcase – establishments, site-particular intercessions, aggregate as opposed to singular tasks and research completed over extensive stretches of time rather than remain solitary works with effectively quantifiable qualities – have turned out to be normal.


The ideology to sustain oneself as being updated in the revolution of urbanisation and global communication delivers various traits which inculcates the adaption of diversities and define the virtues of being a global entity of the religion of Humanity which will be helpful to bring the world culture rather than nation culture to increase global connectivity.


The vision to rise higher as embellishment and realising self worth, may go or doesn’t go with current trends, but whatever will remain in trend forever is the attitude of a progressive women which will resonate towards imparting cultural values.



Urbanization – Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Artist Jigu Oghani



Grishma Mali – The Artist who broke all the barriers and challenges to be Herself. Apart from being challenged each moment about her style of artwork, she did not lose faith in herself and continued to pursue her passion and creativity. Grooming herself to be the strong and bold persona inside with an innocent mindset, she is a sweet, cute and truly adorable young lady.





The smile which is worth million dollars seems missing in her works but one can find the same smile while observing her working. She is full of compassion and a tender hearted girl. Her kindness and perspective of life adapting an attitude to be herself being an open book lets her innocence flow in her every act.






She is a true inspiration for all the women artists of the country. At a very young age, she has discovered her own style of art and is growing more with wisdom in her each masterpiece. She not only reminds us to be our own self but also inspires to love oneself the way we are.





Apart from being criticized, judged and faced rejections, she loves all and converts her pain in to beautiful textures in her masterpiece. Each criticism she faces brings out a new palette in her creativity. We firmly believe that she not only has great future in art but she will be one of the greatest peacemaker of the country.




Reminding of the great Oscar Wilde, Artist Pisurwo has created the portrait live within 14 minutes in oil media in a casual conversation about the art. The portrait justifies all the elements especially the unexpressed emotions.


Unfolding the myths of expression in realism, he has magnificently poured the feelings in his own style. The portrait beautifully complements the beauty with wisdom. Heart bridges the gap to the another soul through eyes. A blessing full of bliss in creativity whose devotion and dedication has well versed the love towards the creation in the artistry.





This portrait of leading art connoisseur Ravindra Mardia has included in his collection. According to him, this is by far the best portrait he has received among many more portraits he is having created by eminent artists of the country.


The portrait teaches us that if one is fully devoted to artistry and achieves the attainment of clear conscience, then no setbacks will come forth to the soul to achieve great heights in life and to grow as a human being.




Choose to be strong and push yourself no matter what comes to you.  Journey may not be easy but will be splendid colourful. It will not happen as default but it is designed to be a design to get a better default setting. One needs to be creative to be happy and healthy to accomplish the intentional and thoughtful system that can bring happiness in life.


There has to be a legacy to create a life which is purposeful and inspired from moral values. Always remind yourself to be the one who crafts the life the way you want. The way to stunning life is to have wishes and dreams which will connect you to what your purpose in life.





Don’t negotiate in to your life for the values, for the things you love. Remind yourself all the beautiful things in life which you love even it may be the smallest thing as a cup of tea. Stay healthy, Be around family.


Never let setbacks lead you to death emotionally. Don’t dominate yourself for what you cannot accomplish. Work hard to craft the healthiest life you can which includes mental wellness too.


Relationships sometimes turns as a bonus. If you are an introvert, embrace tranquility and contemplate to create a valuable moment.


Make yourself disciplined by adapting systems for few hours in a month to spend for the positive things around you.

Life is full of colours… Design your life’s canvas the way you wish…!