Artwork Value Certification

Artwork Value Certification

Get your Official Artist Price established by aInternational Art Appraisal Expert!
You will need to provide us with full information and documents about your previous sales. Your clients will be able to buy your work with more confidence and trust !
World art Hub has constituted a jury of experts in the field, to precisely establish the price of the artwork. Certification established in collaboration with the world leader in art market.

Included in this package:

  • 1 official Artist value certificate, downloadable in PDF format.
  • Publication of your certificate on World Art Hub web portal.
  • Bonus: 1 year of subscription to CUBE ART !

How does it work ?

Please make sure all prices on your current works of art are set and correct! You will need to provide experts with the following documents:
- At least 3 previous sales records
- Biographical text, including your philosophy, preferred techniques, and important events of your career (shows, awards etc...)
Sales can be backed up by sales certificates, invoices, public sales records or any appropriate documents that can be considered by the experts.
Once you have sent all your documents, you will receive an answer within about 15 days.

You have not sold any artwork yet ?
Or if you have no documented sales, WAH expert will provide an evaluation, just like in public auction sales.

The price of a piece of art
The price of paintings relies upon on numerous ancient, aesthetical, quantitative and qualitative criteria. These criteria have to be showed via the capable and recounted list.
The artists creating the paintings, their rights holders, courtroom-appointed professionals, personal experts, authors of catalogs, expert committees, overseas museum curators, more or less remote household of the artist, and many others.
This economic cost fluctuates relying on, among different matters, the reliability of the certificate that accompanies the object.

The fee of the certificate
The value of a certificate of authenticity of an artwork is frequently very subjective. It relies upon the degree of self-belief, that the person reading the certificates has,and the individual that produced it. The report can also be issued at the request of the proprietor of the object, a provider or a client.
Please bear in mind for a moment that the concept of the value of the certificate. It's far without a doubt no longer a count of money as there's a cost in obtaining it that is extra or lesser depending at the expert who issues it.
So as not to complicate, forgeries may be excluded.
As a guarantee, the certificate is key, without it, no door can open: no estimation, no transaction, no motion, no acknowledgment in a list of the monetary price of the paintings.
It is easy, consequently, to apprehend the discomfort and disappointment that consequences when ‘the professional’ now, has such authority.
The steady interest wanted is the work of a expert. For several years now, directories have produced lists of specialists, experts and committees consistent with artists, experts, and so on. With once in a while even the grandson or grandnephew of the professional soliciting for it!