Vinita Karim

Vinita Karim was born in Rangoon, Burma in the year 1962.She did her Diploma in Fine Arts from the Gerlesborg Art Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. She also did her Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Stockholm, Sweden. She further did her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Philippines, Philippines.Her thesis was on theArtmasala:Multicultural negotiations outside boundaries.Vinita carries with her the forts of Malta, the sand dunes of Sahara, the city of Dhaka, the Mediterranean Sea, and enough paint to colour them all. She turns cities into artworks. If only one could reverse the process and enter her dreamy abstract cityscapes.One can see a pure golden sky, deep reds and blues shaping a rolling sea, festively coloured buildings, and a thin cloud stretching endlessly across the sky. Hoping from city to city would take you through Vinita's memories of Tripoli, Berne, Nuremberg, Manila, Stockholm, Cairo and an underwater city.Born in Myanmar, educated in Sweden and the Philippines, but originally from India Vinita's nomadic lifestyle has led her all over the world. She has taken full advantage of her constantly changing surroundings and applied to her passion in art.