Sangeeta Gupta

"Sangeeta Gupta "To me abstract art is a means to reach the non-objective experiences that help shape the inner life. It is a witness to the fact that mans spiritual needs do not disappear even in times engulfed by gross materialism. I strive to express the poetic vision in my works." In 1998, acclaimed art critic and painter, Santo Datta, wrote in a national daily about her work. He said, "Her pen-and-ink drawings of trees and fragments of landscapes have a miniaturist's devotion to live forms, in which she meticulously uses hatchets in very close sequence to bring out the volumes and forms and show deeper space on the flat surface. Sangeeta's mixed media works in pastel and watercolour-again fragments of landscapes or cityscapes-show a maturing eye for the total design and a youthful sensitivity to harmony of colors." The artist says about her work, "For about three decades notions of Time, Space and Light have preoccupied me. My paintings and drawings proceed from my inner world of memories and dreams. I am not sure if I can express through words the modes of my journey. The connections of my inner world with all mundane experiences is not easy to explain." "My recent paintings make me observe a number of shades and a series of conclusion converging at different points of the space. Critics have been discovering conflicts and rhythm of nature in my expression of infinity of life in even the most contingent situations of the earth I have nothing to offer as a judgment, I take it as a temporal perception of my Time Zone, which has been continuously changing ever since I was born."