Manish Pushkale

Manish Pushkale (B. 1973) Manish Pushkale's Mantra Collection is a foray into abstraction of sound, of experience and indeed the spirit itself. Yet his works have none of the forlornness associated with abstract minimalism. His paintings are fecund, organic and full of vitality. The repeating sequences in the paintings are akin to rapidly chanted mantras recited while telling the beads of a rosary. The squares and the mesh like texture constitute the beads of Manish's rosary. However, like every chant of the same mantra is different in its cadence and its experience, every form in his paintings is differently enriched with color and energy. Every movement of the hand that tells the rosary moves into the irrevocable past and every new movement remains in the present. Every viewing of his paintings is similarly varied. One may try and understand Manish's work by drawing on abstract artistic genres in other mediums such as dhrupad in music where the essence lies in the alaap, the rest is vistara. The painted surface is the essence; the constituent rudiments are the preceptory responses. As in other abstraction in Manish paintings it is the very processes of creation that explain the created object itself and its subjective relation to the outside.