Satyajit Chanda

Satyajit Chandra Chanda is an amazing artist from India who channels man?s relationship to his environment, through nature?s imagery, according to the MFA graduate from M.S. Baroda Class of 2000.As well as holding his Master?s of Fine Arts, Satyajit also holds a Bachelor?s of Fine Arts from B.VA College of Arts & Crafts (Kolkata).s a child, Satyajit said his first teacher was actually his mother, and though he has moved on from her tutorship, he still credits her for igniting that spark in art. At first, Satyajit said he was attracted to clay modeling, and later on painting. For several years, he was painting wonderful watercolor pieces on handmade paper. Yet, as in all things, art evolves and Satyajit?s oils and his unique blend of poster art and kitsch have created a dynamic voice for him that art devotees have appreciated a great deal Of some note is that, in December, 2001, Satyajit won a merit certificate from the Bombay Art Society in the celebrated 110th All India Art Exhibition, for his work titled, "Sane Expressions."Satyajit?s work can frequently be found in quality exhibits, such as in Roots/Routes of Bengal, which was curated by Dr. Archanna Roy. In 2012, Satyajit?s work was also included in an exhibit that featured ?The Eclectic Blend of Spiritual and?Soulful Expressions,? at the Coomaraswamy Hall in Mumbai.Though he has taken part in many shows involving the works of others, Satyajit has also had solo shows, which have garnered both praise and notoriety. Among his solo efforts, Satyajit?s work has been featured in ?An Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings: Satyajit Chandra Chanda,? at AKS Art Gallery, also in Mumbai.?