Kashinath Salve

"Kashinath Salve (1944) Salve as Born in Ahmednagar in 1944, Salve graduated from the Sir J. J. School of Art in 1968. In his early years he was much influenced by Mohan Samant's paintings and technique which used to experiment in various mix medium and play with different textures which inspired Salve to use different material and create his own identity. In the 70s Salve moved from painting to graphics, the reason being that it gave him greater scope for experiments with techniques and, besides, he wanted to deviate from the influence of Samant. He was fortunate to be invited to various art workshops held both in Delhi and Bombay. The works of this period - mostly abstracts - show an orchestration of a very familiar vocabulary of forms - houses, rooftops and, later, simplified and symbolic forms. An increasingly tactile surface emphasizes the physical stability of his works. They are neither rebellious nor complacent but constructed paintings. In his recent Platograph he was fascinated with the hair formation of women which is identity of feminine rhythm including the movements of the curls. His nude graphics shows his sensitivity towards natural elegance of movement in feminine form. He cannot rest until the piece he is working on is finally done. When that happens he experiences a profound sense of relief and accomplishment. But that exhilaration is short-lived, because he is already thinking of his new project. Whatever medium or mode of expression Salve selects, he approaches the content in a different way. Generally content refers to word, literature, myth, music etc., but what Salve expresses through his content is emotions - not necessarily abstract, but rather looking at light, as one can look at sound, with a purity. "