Brinda Miller

Brinda Miller (B. 1960) Brinda was born into a creative family, but it is not her claim to fame. For a long time, she was stuck churning out popular patterns for Khatau mills, being a part of the designing team there. Her longing to move away from symmetry and repetitive work and experiment with various shapes and forms was so strong that she quit her job to follow her love for art and took too painting as a profession. Most of Brinda`s paintings are a reflection of the inspiration her visits to New York, Africa and in India evoked. "You will see Egyptian faces, Mexican figures, African heads and warm, earthy Indian colors in my work. My work is a true reflection of what I am - impulsive and spontaneous," she says. Brinda has created many murals both here and abroad and has experimented with various mediums like acrylic, corrugated cardboard, cloth and metallic paper. She excels in mixed media - oils, acrylics and collages. Multimedia techniques are also one of her favorites and she is known to use material in a collage to create three -dimensional effects. She has also adapted the technique of batik to her painting and this brings on a completely new dimension to her work. Brinda`s paintings have multiple interpretations, the artist admits that she herself never paints with the end in mind. "I wait for my paintings to surprise me. I don`t paint specific figures or human activity; they flow from my feelings." She says. Along with paintings, she has tried her hand at several other things like sculpting and installation art. From drawing floral prints as a designer for a textile company, to creating landscapes, and now abstract figurative paintings, Brinda has displayed her penchant for variety over the years.