Deepak Shinde

Deepak Shinde (B. 1946) Energy, power, and the dynamic relationships shared between animal and man are some of the themes that animate Deepak Shinde?s work. Shinde?s work is deeply rooted on his own experiences, through his journey of life. His paintings are a response to what he feels ? an outcome of varying events. Changing circumstances are depicted through a series of images reflecting the inherent constancy of the process of change. Shinde believes that there are only three aspects to art ? the emotional, the intellectual and the aesthetic. His instincts, experiences and thoughts act as evolutionary elements in the production of art that reveal itself to the world in a blaze of colours, making his paintings a celebration of hues ? not in the thoughtlessly liberal sense but, rather, a celebration of the spirit within. Simple andBorn in 1946 in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, the artist completed his G.D. in Fine Art from the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, in 1972. He has a number of shows to his credit both in India and abroad.