Poonam Kishore

Poonam Kishor The Art Of Painting Is The First Manifestation Of Human Expression, By Which Way Man Created Many Memorable Works That Captured His Time, Situations. Mediums Of Expression May Be Many But Purpose Of All Is Expresses Emotions Only And It Comes To Us The Form Of Different Experiences. Growing Up, I Had Read Some Hindi Literature, Whatever I Could Find In My Disorganized Household. I Read Them Happily. Later, I Was Much Inspired By Literature And Its Impact Shows Clearly In My Artistic Expressions. With Figurative Works, Including Bromia-Art. To The Adults I Begun Reading Harivanshraibachan`S Illustrated Classics Poetry "Madhushala" Which Expresses A Sense Of Deep Mystery In The Universe. Make Drawing I Feel Inspired By "Madhushala". The Poet Has Not Pictured Madhushala Merely As The Place Of Drinking. So For Him Nature Seems To Be Madhushala" Forever, Which Teach Us Many Lesson Of Life. Teaches Us The Art Of Living. This Is How Harivanshraibachan Begun A New Trend In Literature Called " Halavad" In This He Did Not Only Describe About Essence Of Wine But Explained The Way Of Life, Its Mystery And Truths Through Madhushala. Studying Madhushala, I Always Tried To Depict In My New Genre Of Art. Few Years Back. Once In The Morning When I Was Reading "Madhushala" A Unique Idea Came To My Mind That The Sense Of Madhushala" Poetries Can Be Reflect On Canvas And It Would Be Very Simple Way To Know The Real Philosophy Of Madhushala`. Then I Started Drawing Every Word And Line Of Madhushala"On Canvas. That Was My Great Dream.