Art Rental Services

ART RENTAL SERVICESFine Art has a welcoming environment for visitors and stimulates conversation among colleagues. It helps to strengthen your professional identity and Corporate Culture. Whether your office is big or small, adding or even rotating artwork is an easy way to transform a boring office into a lively workplace.Choose from over 3000 Artworks from our own collection and acurate selection of the best Artwork from the top galleries and independent artists in India. With our collection there is something for everyone.Our expert staff and volunteers will guide you with a free consultation to ensure the Artwork that you select suits your space and your style. Prices as low as Rs 250* per month, Art is now even more attainable than ever.*Based on a minimum 3-month trial period at 1.25% of the Artwork’s purchase price.

CORPORATE ART CONSULTINGOur expert team of Corporate Selectors will gladly visit your office to help you select the appropriate Art for your work environment.At World Art Hub, we wish for you to be confident and in love for the Artwork you select. From the boardroom to bedroom, renting from World Art Hub lets you live with original Artworks by some of the Master Artists before you commit to own them. Although, you can rent a work of Art as long as you want, you can also purchase them at the end of each rental term.

WHO RENTS ART?The only answer is ‘EVERYONE’. World Art Hub has rented Artwork to individuals and organizations that are looking for an easy, quick, and cost effective way to add Art to their life for various reasons. From individuals and designers to tech start-ups and established law firms, everyone benefits from renting Art. The real question is how will rent an Art benefit you?

YOUR HOME OR APARTMENTDo you want to spice up your home for an upcoming event? Are you one of the thousands of homerenters who want Art but may move soon? May be you are new to collecting Art and want to take it nice and slow. Whatever your reasons for renting Artwork may be, we are confident that we have something to speak to you, your style, and your surroundings all for an affordable price.

RESTAURANTS & HOSPITALITYAlocal fine Art with local fine food is a great pairing to enhance your patrons’ dining experience. World Art Hub Artwork has dignified the walls of restaurants and private dining rooms throughout India. You can even change your Artwork seasonally to compliment your menu.

CORPORATE & SMALL OFFICESFine Art creates a welcoming environment for visitors, stimulates conversation among colleagues, and helps emphasizeyour professional identity and Corporate Culture. Whether your office is big or small, adding or rotating Artwork is an easy way to transform your boring office into a lively workplace. Renting an Artwork is also a great way to demonstrate support and commitment to the local community. As an added benefit, our Custom Consulting Services make the selection and installation process easy and stress-free for you.

DESIGNERS | STAGERS | FILM & PRINTFrom high-end residential staging to national print campaigns and major motion pictures, the unique artwork of World Art Hub is a favorite of designers, stylists, and stagers, as they are looking to add an unparalleled and sophisticated polish to their projects. At World Art Hub we have a long history of working with industry professionals and are understanding to their unique demands. Our knowledgeable Art consultants, our wide selection and flexible hours will help you impress your clients and complete your project on time and within budget.

NO COMMITMENTYou can rent Artworks from World Art Hub from one to as many three-month term as you wish, or return the Art after just one month. World Art Hub does not limit the number of terms available to you or charge additional subscription fees on top of the rental price

A FRACTION OF THE COST OF PURCHASINGOur quarterly rent is approximately 2% of an Artwork’s purchase price and the fees of your Artwork rental will never fluctuate between terms. Check out the rental fee


  • Your Home or Apartment
  • Restaurants & Hospitality
  • Corporate & Small offices
  • Designers | Stagers | Film & Print
  • No commitment
  • Fraction of the cost of buying
  • Instant gratification
  • Try before you buy
  • Support system
  • Rent to own
  • Locals only
  • Almost everything   

Get started!INSTANT GRATIFICATIONAfter initiating a new rental, you have a week’s time to apply 100% of an Artwork’s rental fee (including sales tax) towards its purchase.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUYWhen your three-month rental term is getting over, you have 3 options:

  1. Renew for another term
  2. Return the piece back to gallery
  3. Purchase the Artwork

SUPPORT SYSTEMWe keep a track of your rentals so you don’t have to worry. When your term is about to end, an Art consultant will contact you for a friendly reminder.

RENT TO OWNWith the additional benefit of earning rental credit with each term, you can even own the Artwork if you rent it for long duration.

GET STARTED!To start a new rental, all we require is your identification document and a signed Rental Agreement. The entire process only takes few minutes. Once the rental process is over you can walk out with your new Artwork or have it delivered by one of our recommended third party Art handlers.


  • Owning Masterpieces are not always possible
  • It avoids stacking up valuable Art works in same location for longer time
  • It avoids heavy maintenance
  • It helps to rotate your Art and refresh your space regularly
  • The cost of Artwork starts from Rs.5/- per day
  • We provide different options for rental time frame

Try out our Art before you buy. Renting an Artwork is the latest trend in the market. It inspires the client to decorate home or office with a piece of original Artwork for a specific time period. By renting the Art the client can have certain themes for the special occasions or festivals at different venues.