Application Support

Application Support

World Art Hub has several experts in dealing with your applications to approach various agencies. We all need to approach Galleries, Artists, Funding Agencies, Exhibitors, Art fairs, Art Contests and several more different agencies.

To approach these agencies, we need to apply in a proper format and manner, specially for CSR brands or applying for some prestigious national or international award. Also for different types of fellowships, grants, subsidies and support at all levels.

At World Art Hub, we have experts for each and every field who can support, guide and help at a very reasonable cost and price.

How can we define what Application Support is in a word? Simply put, it is service; understand this and you appreciate what you deliver on a daily basis. How it is delivered is a separate issue discussed later in this blog.

To do this, Application Support Analysts need to have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, an acute understanding that other people within the business depend on them, and the realisation of how to respond to that dependency via acknowledgement, updates and resolution. These are the primary roles of the position.

The following attributes are essential in successfully developing a career within Application Support:

  • Communication skills & active listening
  • Empathy with users
  • Acceptance of ownership
  • Patience and understanding
  • Investigation & diagnostic skills (be like Sherlock Holmes)
  • Language skills (in some cases)

In terms of how these services are delivered naturally IT ability is required. At a high level it is an understanding that it is applications, which deployed within IT systems, provide the technical face of the service the business requires.

  • Sufficient technical knowledge
  • Business awareness
  • Cultural awareness
  • Service Awareness (ITIL)
  • Investigation & diagnostic skills (be like Sherlock Holmes)
  • Support tool knowledge

Application Support is a challenging, dynamic and exciting career involved in delivering live IT environments that enable businesses daily. Your view of IT within business is holistic, from front to back, with many career path opportunities.

Please contact for any of your application requirements.